Prints & products

Standard purchase options are prints or JPEGs (digital files). Details appear when you click the 'buy' or £ icons on or next to the images. I also work with labs that produce high-quality canvases.

Canvas prints need to be sized and proofed individually for best results, to ensure that the width-to-height ratio works with a particular image and that important features remain on the face and not wrapped around the edges. Please contact me for a quote, indicating the image(s) you're interested in and the approximate size you would like. I will then do mock-ups to check which size(s) will work best, and send you a proof for your approval.

SAMPLE CANVAS SIZES & PRICES (prices exclude delivery)

15x10in – £55

18x12in – £60

24x16in – £70

30x20in – £80

46x30in – £100

Squarer and longer/narrower shapes are available too – the above are just starting points, though they're sizes that often work well.

Montages can look good on canvas if you would like to include several of your favourite images in one frame. Here's an example of a simple canvas montage – this one is 24x16in (that's about 61x41cm for non-English speakers).

A 24x16 like this with three images is £90. You can have as many or as few images as you like; I will quote accordingly.

Just let me know the images you would like to include (sharing a lightbox is a good way to do this). I will then send a proof of the design so you can see what it will look like.

24x16in canvas montage with three images: £90