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This new site, launched in May 2016 and still being developed and populated, is currently running in parallel with the Sailing Scenes archive site from 2003. Photos taken before 2016 will progressively be added to these pages together with new additions.
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Sonata Nationals 2023
Dolphin Inter-Class Team Racing, Parkstone
Poole Week 2023 A selection from Bournemouth Digital Poole Week is being added to the gallery daily or as time allows
Round The Island Race 2023 Photos in the Round The Island gallery
Boats in Poole Bay, 3rd June 2023  Samples in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery
PYRA Two-handed Series, Poole Bay, 3rd June 2023 A few photos in this gallery
Boats in Poole Bay & Swanage Bay, 29th May 2023 Preliminary selection of photos here
Wayfarer Western Championships 2023, sailed from Parkstone YC Photos here
St Maarten Heineken Regatta 2023  Gallery created More potos to follow
Poole Week 2022 A selection of photos from each day is being added to the Poole Week gallery
Poole Bay – Durlston Head - Anvil Point, 13th August 2022 Photos are being added to the A-Z of Cruising Yachts
Round The Island Race 2022 Photos are in the RTI 2022 gallery. Do get in touch if you have queries about any particular boat(s).
Durlston Head - Anvil Point – Poole Bay, 2nd June 2022   A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery (more to follow), plus Rán 8 in the Myth of Malham and some motorboats.
Poole Bay, 8th May 2022 A few sample shots are in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts and Motorboats & RIBs galleries.
Poole Bay & Swanage Bay, 16th April 2022 Photos are in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery
Poole Week 2021 A few photos are being uploaded to the Poole Week 2021 gallery
Round The Island Race 2021 Initial selection of photos now here. More following...
Poole Bay and Swanage Bay, Saturday 5th June (2021) Photos will be uploaded to the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery as they're processed.
Poole Harbour to St Alban's Head, Sunday 11th October Samples here now. More following
Anvil, Durlston, Swanage and Poole Bay, Sat & Sun 26th & 27th September  A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery.
Poole Bay, Sunday 13th September A few samples are on the site here – just one, or sometimes 2-3, of some boats. More photos of everyone, plus many more, are still to come – please ask
Durlston/Anvil/Swanage – Saturday 5th September 2020 Photos yet to be uploaded. Ask if you think I shot you!
Boats in Poole Bay, Swanage Bay and off Durlston, Sunday 30th August Photos coming as soon as time allows (some uploaded here), but please get in touch with queries about any particular boat(s) in the meantime
Parkstone YC Club Race Week 2020  Photos from Wednesday 26th August are in the gallery
Boats in Poole Bay, Tuesday 7th and Sat/Sun 12th/13th July Photos coming soon, or get in touch with queries about any particular boat(s) in the meantime
Boats in Poole Bay, Sunday 14th June 2020 Check the gallery here
If you can't find a boat you're looking for... please ask. Thousands of photos have yet to be sorted, indexed, edited and uploaded, including ones have appeared elsewhere on line or in print.
Boats in Poole Bay & Poole Harbour, 30th & 31st May 2020...find them in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery, or in Dinghies and Dayboats or Motorboats
Commodores' Challenge 2019 (Poole YC vs Parkstone YC match racing)
J/24 Autumn Cup 2019 – photos are being added to the gallery here
Bournemouth Digital Poole Week 2019 A gallery has been created with a few photos
Fastnet Race 2019 A selection of photos here, as the fleet left the Solent
Round The Island Race 2019 The first photos are in the race gallery – more following...
Fast 40+ Class Race Circuit 2019, Round 2, Poole The event gallery has been created
Poole Bay, 2nd June 2019 First batch of photos now in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery. Others following, but please ask about any particular boat(s) in the meantime
Poole Bay, 25th May 2019 If you saw the Sailing Scenes RIB anywhere between Hurst and Durlston on Saturday, we might have a photo of you. Have a look here
Myth of Malham start, 25th May 2019 We were with the fleet from Hurst to west of Durlston and have now uploaded a selection of the photos here with more to follow
Poole Bay, 4th May 2019 Some photos are on line in our cruising yachts gallery; more on the way. Please get in touch in the meantime if you have queries about any particular boat(s)
Commodores' Challenge 2018 The annual match-racing challenge between youth teams from Parkstone and Poole yacht clubs, sailed in Elan 333s. See the photo gallery
Parksone Cruisers, XODs & Shrimpers  Photos from a sunny Monday evening in May
Zhik Poole Week update, December 2018 All indexed photos are being added to a new master gallery
Bart's Bash at Parkstone YC Rather belatedly, photos now uploaded
Parkstone Dinghy Sunday Winter Series A small gallery from 11th November
Commodore's Charity Pursuit Race (Poole YC), 11th November 2018 See the photo gallery
Little boats in big waves: Poole Bay Winter Series 2018 
Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller at Parkstone, 29th September 2018 A handful of pics here
Weymouth Regatta 2018 See the preliminary selection or the new complete gallery
Poole Bay during the Air Show, Sunday 2nd September 2018 If you saw our black RIB with red Sailing Scenes banners in the bay on Sunday, keep an eye on the cruising yachts or motorboats galleries (or get in touch). Photos will be uploaded as soon as time allows!
Zhik Poole Week 2018 photo gallery and daily media reports
Poole Yacht Club, Tuesday cruisers 21st August 2018 A few samples here for starters
Royal Motor Yacht Club, Thursday Evening Summer Series racing, 2nd August 2018 Photos here
Poole Bay & harbour, Sunday 5th August  The first batch of cruising yachts and motorboats has been uploaded. The rest will follow as soon as time allows. In the meantime, if your boat isn't among them, please get in touch and it will be added.
Boats in Poole Bay/Swanage Bay, Sunday 22nd July 2018  Now uploaded are the dinghies and Hobies in Studland Bay, plus some of the cruising yachts. Many more on the way.
Boats in Poole Bay, 14th & 15th July 2018 An initial selection from Saturday and Sunday are in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery (and motorboats in Motorboats & RIBs). More to follow. Please get in touch with any queries in the meantime.
Round the Island Race 2018 The first batch of photos has now been uploaded to the Round the Island gallery Many more to follow...
Parkstone Yacht Club Cruiser Racing, Monday 2nd July Gallery here for the cruisers; Shrimpers and XODs here
Boats in Poole Bay, Sunday 24th & Saturday 30th June Photos here and more to follow.
RS Summer Championships 2018, 23rd & 24th June Preliminary gallery is here and there's also now a master gallery containing sub-galleries with all the shots from all the fleets
RS200 South West Ugly Tour, Open Meeting at Parkstone, May 19th A bit late...but a small gallery from the event is here
Powerboat Racing: Fortitudo Poole Bay 100 Offshore Powerboat Race, June 10th 2018 See the action here.
Boats in Poole Bay, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd June The first batch is now in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery; the rest will follow
International Paint Poole Regatta, May 2018 A preliminary selection of photos from across the classes can be seen here,  or go to the main gallery, which contains separate galleries for each class as it's added (currently VPRS 1 & 2, IRC 1, 2 and 3, HP30, MOCRA and Fast40)
Laser Master's Qualifier, Parkstone, April 2018 A few photos from the Sunday (radials and standard rigs) can be found here
Poole Week 2017 Rather fewer than usual, for reasons I will explain, but find the photos here
Drascombe Golden Jubilee Rally in Weymouth, July 2017 See the photos in the new gallery of the Cruise to Lulworth
 Round the Island Race 2017 All photos now in the RTI gallery, here. 
Poole Bay, 17th & 18th June Cruising yachts here. More to follow (and dinghies in Swanage Sailing Club's Rees Cup race if anyone's interested). Please make contact with any queries in the meantime.
PYRA: finish of Weymouth-Poole race, 18th June: photos here
Albacore Southern Areas  See the shots in the the Albacore Southern Areas gallery
Flying Fifteen open, Parkstone, 3rd June Photos here.
Poole Bay, 3rd June Photos are in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery
PYRA (Poole Yacht Racing Association) Poole-Cowes race, 26 May 17: photos here
J/24 Southern Areas, 27 May  Photos in the J/24 Southerns gallery
Poole Bay, 26th May Sweden Yachts 390s and Hanse 371s...find yourselves here
Poole Bay, 21st May   Find cruising yachts here and motorboats here (plus one or two of Lilliput and Christchurch Sailing Clubs' race in the bay here).
Poole Bay, 14th May  Find cruising yachts in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery and motorboats on the Motorboats & RIBs pages Or just search for boat name, sail number or design class using the search tab on the right.
Poole Bay, 29th April Use the search box (enter boat name, type or sail number) or have a look through the gallery here.
Meet the Spaekhuggers  Ever met a Spaekhugger? If they're new to you, you can see what they (and their big sister, the Grinde) look like here (and no, the photos weren't taken in Denmark, Holland or Germany!)
Cotswold Hunt – Boxing Day Meet photos here
Looking for something? Use the search tab (on the right) to search by boat name, sail number, design type or event.
Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller, Parkstone  See the shots here.
J/24 Autumn Cup 2016 A gallery with some initial photos is here.
Bart's Bash at Parkstone A few photos for starters can be found here. 
Boats in Poole Bay and PYRA Folly-Poole race, Sun 11th Sep A few sample PYRA pics are here. A handful of cruisers are are in the A-Z of Cruising Yachts gallery; the rest will follow.
Laser Masters at Parkstone – Sun 11th Sep A few taster pics are in the Laser Masters gallery
 18ft Skiffs – European Grand Prix at Sandbanks  All photos now indexed and uploaded in a new gallery here
adidas Poole Week  All photos now uploaded to the Poole Week 2016 gallery. Daily reports here. The initial selection of photos from the week is here. Or see last year's Poole Week.
Saturday 13th August & Sunday 14th Poole Bay – photos now uploaded. Search for you boat in the galleries for Cruising Yachts, motorboats or dinghies & dayboats
Saturday 6th August  Poole/Swanage/Studland – use these links to find your boat in the appropriate gallery: cruising yachtsmotorboats or dinghies
Sunday 31st July: if you saw the Sailing Scenes RIB between Swanage Bay and the western Solent (Contessa 26 rally, Taittinger Regatta, PYRA race finish and plenty of cruising yachts and power boats in between)... 
The shots are in the following galleries: Contessa 26s (upload nearly complete), Taittinger (completed), PYRA, cruising yachts (completed), motorboats and dayboats.
Saturday 23rd July: Poole Bay, Studland Bay and Swanage Bay. Find the photos in A-Z of Cruising Yachts, or in the Motorboats or Dinghies & Dayboats galleries.
Other recent galleries:   

 Sonata Nationals 2016                  Round the Island Race 2016               Poole Regatta 2016 (inc. MOCRA, J/24, VPRS, & IRC Southerns)



Boats in Poole Bay, 8th May                  Moths at Parkstone                               RS200s at Parkstone


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